Video Captures Shocking Moment Car Rams Barricade in Front of Hong Kong Protesters

As protests in Hong Kong enter their ninth week, clashes between activists, the police, and pro-Beijing supporters have become increasingly frequent. 

On Monday, a city-wide strike caused widespread disruption with protesters paralyzing main roads and train stations during peak hours, reports CNN

Some motorists and commuters have reacted negatively to the disruption and tried to proceed to go about their way, leading to confrontations with the demonstrators.


A witness even filmed a car forcefully hitting a barricade set up by protesters in the district of Yuen Long. The vehicle reportedly injured at least one person.

Demonstrations at Hong Kong International Airport participated by over 2,300 aviation workers also caused cancellation of over 200 flights, according to Hong Kong’s Airport Authority.

In anticipation of the planned strike, the Hong Kong police have come in full force.

Protesters have been fighting back, throwing objects at riot police, setting fires and besieging police stations. 

In some instances, innocent bystanders were caught between the crossfires.

Meanwhile, Shatin district council member Wong Hok-lai is among those recently arrested by police. Wong, who was being detained for allegedly assaulting the police, has denied any wrongdoing.

Pro-Beijing residents, particularly in the North Point district have also been participating in the violent retaliation against demonstrators.

Men wielding long poles have been captured on film clashing with protesters.


In response to the escalating violence, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam warned that Hong Kong was “on the verge of a very dangerous situation” and now she is pledging to restore law and order. 


The Chinese foreign ministry echoed the same warning, with a statement noting that “China’s resolve to safeguard the stability of Hong Kong” should not be underestimated.

Featured image via YouTube/VOA News (Source: AP/Mike Zhang)

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