Hong Kong Man Brutally Friend-Zoned, Internet Shows No Mercy

Let us take another moment of silence for our fallen brother who was labeled as a “best friend” not once, but twice, in a brutal pre-date photo caption.

The latest friend-zone victim was a thoughtful gentleman who showed up at his friend’s doorstep to surprise her with a late Valentine’s Day date. He then got painfully referred to as an “absolute babe of a best friend” in the girl’s Facebook post.

The innocent but savage Facebook post was shared by Reddit user “cryzzgrantham” with the title, Friend zone level – over 9,000.”

The full caption says it all: “When your absolute babe of a best friend turns up smartly dressed and tells you to put on a dress as he’s taking me on a date for a late Valentine’s Day as he was in Hong Kong for it! I seriously couldn’t wish for a better best friend, he really does look after me and spoil me! Have so much love for this boy.”

One netizen even took the time to add a giant tear to the “boy” to illustrate the assumed pain he might be feeling after reading the caption. 

Reddit users expressed their sympathies accordingly with some thoughtful comments:

Some did offer some hope:

For some, getting trapped in the friend zone may feel like being stuck in a hopeless situation, but others still choose to stay on it hoping that other person would eventually experience a change of heart. Let us just hope for the best that his kind of hope is the rational type.

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