Brave Granny Confronts Hong Kong Police to Protect young Protesters

A photo of an elderly woman in Hong Kong bravely standing between anti-extradition protesters and police has gone viral after a freelance journalist shared the powerful image on Twitter.

HONG KONG, CHINA – JULY 27: A woman shouts at police officers as they advance towards protesters in the district of Yuen Long on July 27, 2019 in Hong Kong, China. Pro-democracy protesters have continued weekly rallies on the streets of Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill since 9 June as the city plunged into crisis after waves of demonstrations and several violent clashes. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam apologized for introducing the bill and recently declared it “dead”, however protesters have continued to draw large crowds with demands for Lam’s resignation and completely withdraw the bill. (Photo by Laurel Chor/Getty Images)

On Sunday, as thousands of young protestors took to the streets in the area of Yuen Long, photographer Laurel Chor captured the woman getting in between the two sides, and demanding riot police not to shoot at the protestors.

The photo came in response to Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong’s video which was also posted on Sunday.

Chor shared the photo of the elderly woman getting in the police’s face, and called her “furious and fearless.”

According to Shanghaiist, some social media users argued that the video and photo only told one side of the story. One video appears to show the woman shouting at the protestors to leave.

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