Henry Golding purchases a CryptoPunk NFT artwork for over $650,000

Henry Golding purchases a CryptoPunk

“Crazy Rich Asians” actor Henry Golding recently showed off his official ownership of a CryptoPunk NFT artwork.

The CryptoPunks: On Nov. 15, the British-Malaysian actor shared a picture of the NFT piece “CryptoPunk 800,” which he purchased for over $650,000, on his official Instagram account. 


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  • CryptoPunk 800,” who dons classic sunglasses and wild hair, is among one of the 6,039 existing male CryptoPunks. Golding captioned his Instagram post, “…You’ve got to start somewhere #Cryptopunk #800,” also changing his profile photo to the recently purchased piece.
  • According to the auction company Christie’s, the CryptoPunks are “a collection of  24×24, 8-bit-style pixel art images of misfits and eccentrics.” Larva Labs launched  10,000 unique CryptoPunks in June 2017, storing each character with its proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • According to Larva Labs, all 10,000 characters have now been claimed; however, those up for bid can be purchased via the marketplace embedded in the blockchain. 
  • Since the beginning of CryptoPunks, the blockchain has generated a total value of $1.66 billion for all its sales. Currently, the lowest price available for a CryptoPunk is around $360,000. The largest purchase was for “CryptoPunk 3100,” which originally sold for $7.58 million in March 2021 and is now up for sale for $147.62 million. 

Featured Image via @henrygolding

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