New Movie Explores Hayao Miyazaki’s Refusal to Retire From Film

hayao miyazaki

The English-language version of “Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki” is coming in December and VICE has picked up an exclusive trailer from GKids.


The trailer and release article, which you can check out here, begins with Miyazaki at a press conference swearing by his final retirement at a press conference: “But… this time… I mean it.”

Of course, two years later Miyazaki would announce “How Do You Live?” which is to be his final film, with the legendary director/writer getting back at it to produce one more movie before (allegedly) finally retiring.


“The movie is completely unstaged,” said GKIDS CEO Eric Beckman. “It’s like spending time with Hayao Miyazaki and getting to know him and hanging out in his home and his studio as he struggles to do something he has never done before.”

Screenshot via YouTube / GKIDS Films

“There are moments of insecurity and doubt, a self awareness of the weight of his legacy, the sense that he simply must create something vital, but is unsure of how.” he added.

Given this, the title of “Never-Ending Man” and the content of the film, which chronicles Miyazaki in the time during and shortly after his last retirement attempt in 2013, seems to ring truer than ever.

The film was previously aired in Japan in 2016, a year before the announcement of “How Do You Live?” and is set to be brought to U.S. theaters on December 13 and 18.

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