Hasan Minhaj Got the Most Asian Dad Response After Reaching 1 Million Followers

Hasan Minhaj

Indian American comedian Hasan Minhaj’s dad had a savage response to his son’s achievement after reaching 1 million followers on Instagram.

Minhaj announced this achievement to his father, telling him that he now has 1 million followers on his Instagram account and added that he hopes he is proud.

However, his dad’s response totally blew everyone’s mind.

“That’s 17 million less than Shah Rukh Khan,” Hasan’s dad simply said.

Regarded as the “King of Bollywood,” the 53-year-old actor has over 18 million followers on his Instagram account and an even more impressive 38.7 million followers on Twitter.

Many netizens found Hasan’s father’s reply to be extremely relatable.

Others attempted to help Minhaj get his follower count up by tagging Khan on Twitter.

Featured Image via Instagram / hasanminhaj

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