GOT7 K-Pop Star Gives Ice Cold Response to Fan Criticizing His Weight On Livestream

Choi Young-Jae

K-Pop superstar Choi Young-Jae has a pretty bold response to a fan who criticized him on his weight gain.

Popularly known simply as Youngjae, the main vocal of the South Korean boy band Got7 was doing a live broadcast via social media platform Naver’s V Live on Tuesday when a fan took a swipe on his weight gain.

In the live stream titled as “I’m Hungry,” the singer ate a hamburger, talked about his group’s 5th anniversary, and entertained his fans with some songs, AllKPop reports.

While singing near the end of the live broadcast, Youngjae skimmed over his viewers’ comments. He then came across one comment that made him stop.

“Hope Youngjae loses weight..” the comment, which the singer read aloud, said.

In response, Youngjae said, “I am losing it. Just do well with your own life. Mind your own business!”


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Youngjae’s fans have since expressed their support for the way he handled the criticism:

 “Lmao yes!!! I wish all idols were more direct and responded in such way. Some “fans” go too far with their comments,” one highly-upvoted comment read.  

“I love that he never hesitates to call out “fans” on their bullshit, he is definitely the one member in GOT7 you don’t want to mess with because he will drag you to hell and back lol,” another netizen noted.

“Also, he used to be sickly thin a couple of years ago, I remember his arms were so small, and it honestly was worrying; I’m glad he’s gained weight healthily by working out and that he’s getting buff, he looks a lot more confident lately and it suits him.”

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