Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica to compete to join new girl group on Chinese reality show

Jessica Girls Generation Chinese TV show
Image: @jessica.syj
  • Jessica Jung, a former member of the K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation, will reportedly appear as one of the 58 contestants in the third season of the Chinese reality show “Sisters Who Make Waves” this year.
  • Also known by the mononym Jessica, her name was spotted by social media users who examined a list of cast members from the show’s latest season.
  • Jessica was listed as contestant No. 22 and introduced as a former member of Girls’ Generation.
  • The Mango TV reality show features female artists over the age of 30 who compete for a chance to make a re-debut in a new Chinese girl group.

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica is set to appear on a Chinese reality competition TV show.

An unofficial cast list for the third season of “Sisters Who Make Waves,” which gives female artists over the age of 30 a chance to join a new Chinese girl group, began circulating on Chinese social media on April 3. The list of names includes Jung Soo Yeon, the Korean name of Jessica Jung, known more popularly by the mononym Jessica, as one of the 58 contestants set to appear on the Mango TV reality show.


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The 32-year-old Korean American singer is described on the list as Joseonjok, or ethnic Koreans living in China, and is listed as contestant No. 22. The list also introduces her as a former member of K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation. 

“It is true that Jessica will be starring in a Chinese audition program,” a source from Jessica’s agency Coridel Entertainment reportedly said. The source added, however, that Jessica does not “promote with the name Girls’ Generation at the forefront” since her departure from the group.

Jessica’s name appeared in the news late last month after a video of her singing at what appeared to be a Chinese variety show went viral. An anonymous employee of “Sisters Who Make Waves” confirmed to the Global Times that Jessica was part of an upcoming Mango TV program. 

Besides the video, several fans noticed the background of a picture the singer posted on Weibo on March 29, which appeared to have been taken at a hotel in Changsha, Hunan Province, where the Chinese reality show was purportedly filmed.

Jessica’s post drew so much excitement among her Chinese fans that it became a trending hashtag on Chinese social media and garnered over 80 million views.

“Sisters Who Make Waves” has featured other K-pop stars in the past, including former Miss A members Jia and Fei. 

The upcoming season of the show is set to air later this year.


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