K-pop girl group NewJeans releases debut EP and music video ‘Cookie’

  • Hybe subsidiary label ADOR (All Doors One Room) released the debut EP of their new girl group NewJeans today and dropped a new music video for the track “Cookie.”
  • The new track, which is the first digital wide release for the group, is also the fourth and final addition to their EP following their previous three music videos over the past two weeks: “Attention, “Hype Boy” and “Hurt.”
  • A physical album will be released on Aug. 8, but the group has already made history with 440,000 stock pre-orders, the highest recorded number in history for any debuting girl group.

K-pop rookie girl group NewJeans dropped their long-awaited debut EP and a new music video for the song “Cookie” on Monday.

The track, which is their first digital wide release, is the fourth and final installment of their EP, with other pre-releases “Attention,” “Hype Boy” and “Hurt” scattered across the past two weeks

New Jeans consists of five members: Vietnamese member Hani, Korean Australian member Danielle, Korean member Haerin, former Usso.Girl group Korean member Hyein and Korean member Minji, who appeared in BTS’ “Permission to Dance.” 

On July 28, Hybe subsidiary label ADOR (All Doors One Room) announced that NewJeans had already set a new record for the highest number of stock pre-orders of any debuting girl group in history with 444,000 preorders in just four days. 

ADOR is run by Min Hee-jin, Hybe’s former chief brand officer and SM Entertainment’s former visual director known for shepherding concepts for Girls Generation, Red Velvet, Shinee, Exo and F(x).

In a previous press release for NewJeans’ debut, Hybe said that four of the songs on the EP will be title tracks and that a physical release of the album will come out on Aug. 8. 

To accompany their debut, the group announced an iOS and Android app called Phoning, which includes unreleased photos of the members and a calendar with dates of other activity promotions. 


Featured Image via HYBE Labels

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