Ex-Gfriend’s Yerin releases flowery, spring-themed music video for her debut solo single ‘Aria’

  • Yerin, former member of K-pop girl group Gfriend, has debuted her first solo mini-album with a title track and music video of the same name, “Aria.”
  • The “Aria” mini-album features four other songs, and Yerin was purportedly heavily involved in the album process from demo to final version.
  • Gfriend formed in 2015 with members Yuju, SinB, Eunha, Umji and leader Sowon. They released three full albums and 10 mini albums.

Yerin, a former member of K-pop girl group Gfriend, released her first solo EP and music video of the same name, “Aria,” today. 

The music video is colorful with pops of springtime and flower imagery set to a dance-friendly synth track. The rest of the mini-album includes four other songs: “Intro: Bloom,” “Believer,” “Lalala” and “Time.”During a press event for her debut, Yerin shared thoughts about her solo, according to Allkpop.

I’m so nervous. A part of me is worried that I might mess up, but I have confidence in myself. I’m debuting again as a solo artist, and I feel the same nerves that I felt when I first debuted.”

She goes on to describe her involvement in the album creation process. 

“I was actively involved in the process from the very beginning, from when we first started listening to demo songs, to the selection, and so on. The concept development did not proceed to the next stage without my feedback. In truth, it was hard. I liked both concepts, but I ultimately had to choose one. I made my decisions while hearing the opinions of many fellow staff members and creators.”

This is the first solo project from Yerin and her first new music project since Gfriend’s disbandment in 2021. The former Source Music girl group debuted in 2015 with leader Sowon and other members Yuju, SinB, Eunha and Umji. Gfriend garnered a passionate and protective fanbase over their six-year career, releasing three full albums and ten mini-albums. 

Yerin is not the first member since Gfriend’s disbandment to debut on their own. Member Yuju came out with her mini-album “REC” and title track music video “Play” in January. 

Additionally, members SinB, Eunha and Umji debuted as a new group called Viviz in January as well, releasing the music video “Bop Bop!” off their EP “Beam Of Prism.” Viviz is also currently competing on Season 2 of the Mnet reality singing show “Queendom.”

Lastly, leader Sowon is set to make her acting debut in the Korean drama “Chilling Cohabitation.” Yerin mentioned at the press event for her debut that her group mates were supportive of her solo endeavor.

The members sent me a lot of encouragement. They asked me if I was nervous. When the other members first heard the song, they asked if I thought I could pull it off on my own. They were worried for me, but the more I practiced, the more I grew confident.”

Feature image via 1theK

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