Gengar engagement and wedding rings are here to symbolize love beyond a shadow of a doubt

gengar rings
Image: U-Treasure

Japanese jewelry maker U-Treasure, known for designing pop culture-themed jewelry inspired by popular IPs like “Harry Potter” and “Kingdom Hearts,” is back with a spooky, Gengar Pokémon wedding ring that went on sale last week. 

Gengar’s ghastly nature, mischievous grin and blood crimson eyes are a departure from the cuter and more popular Pokémon who have inspired other jewelry products by the brand, like Eevee and Pikachu, according to SoraNews24.  

The company’s engagement rings feature the ghost and poison type Pokémon sitting atop the ring band as it holds up a gemstone. The are available in the colors of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, with different price points depending on the materials used. 

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Engagement rings in the most expensive tier, which cost 110,000 yen (approximately $923), are fashioned from 950 platinum or with 18-karat gold in any of the three colors. Gemstones are sold separately. The second-tier rings cost 37,400 yen (approximately $308) and are fashioned from silver with a cubic zirconia stone.

U-Treasure’s Gengar wedding bands feature the Pokémon materializing like a wisp. It comes in two versions: a clear version with a diamond located on the outside and a purple version with an amethyst on the inside.

Both versions of the wedding band are made from 950 platinum or the same karat amount and colors as the engagement ring for 88,000 yen (approximately $726) each and are available to reserve until April 18 in silver for 19,000 yen (approximately $156).

With wedding pieces this cool, any proposal should be super effective.

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