Gorgeous Filipina Cheerleader Kyla Fajardo Leaves NBA Crowds Mesmerized With Her Dance Moves

Besides rooting for their team, NBA fans are rooting for the blue-haired beauty of the Los Angeles Clippers Cheerleading dance team, Kyla Fajardo. 

Image via Instagram / kyla_fajardo

Fajardo is the youngest team member of the L.A. Clippers Spirit dance team. She joined the NBA cheerleading team at the young age of 18, according to Pixelated Planet.



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Fajardo expressed interest in dance early in her childhood at age 11.

Image via Instagram / kyla_fajardo

She was born and raised in Malolos, Bulacan, noted ABS-CBN Sports and performs for audiences of almost 19,000 people.

“My job isn’t really a job for me. I love to dance so much no matter how many hours I put in its fun. It’s a fun job for me. I don’t get tired,” Fajardo told ABS-CBN Sports.

Image via Instagram / Clippersspirit

When she’s off the court, Fajardo is a nursing student and dance instructor.


Feature Images via Instagram / Clippersspirit

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