The internet is apparently divided on the ‘Squid Game’ English dub

English dub is supposedly terrible in Squid Game

In the latest great internet debate, fans of the highly successful series “Squid Game” are arguing on whether listening to its English dub is worse than reading subtitles. 

“Laughably bad”: Several fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions, with the majority of them agreeing that the English dub turns the thrilling drama into something like a comedy.

  • Twitter user @KonekoKittenYT wrote, “It’s funny how the quality of a show improves near immediately when turning on subtitles for the original language. Squid game was laughably bad in english until turning on korean with subtitles.

  • In a similar vein, @TearofGrace wrote: “Squid Game 10/10. If you want to cry: Use subtitles. If you want to laugh but still cry: Watch the dub” 

  • Another fan, @jonlovett, realized that several viewers might be unaware that they are watching the English-dubbed version. 

  • Other fans mocked “Squid Game” viewers that didn’t use English subtitles, claiming them to be “the weakest link,” “lazy” and “the first to be eliminated.”

Multitasking: In a sea of dub-hating tweets, some fans have shared their love for the dubbed version and their reasons behind watching it.

  • As someone with ADHD, @widowstelepaths opts for the version without subtitles. 

  • Some users, such as @iisjoh, considers reading nine hours of subtitles “intimidating.”

  • Then there are the fans who want to multitask, like @tranganhdong.

  • And finally, there are a rare few who are genuinely impressed by the English dub — unless they’re being sarcastic, that is. 

Featured Image via Netflix

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