Elderly Asian couple bound, gagged and pistol-whipped in San Jose home invasion

  • An elderly Asian couple was reportedly bound, gagged and pistol-whipped during a home-invasion robbery in San Jose, California, on May 31.
  • The suspects found the victims’ ATM card and forced them to call a translator after struggling to retrieve a PIN, according to reports.
  • After two hours, the intruders fled with the victims’ car, which was later spotted at another home robbery just a mile away.
  • The second robbery was filmed by a dashcam from the car of the homeowner, who immediately called 911.

An elderly Chinese couple living in San Jose, California, was reportedly bound, gagged and pistol-whipped during a home-invasion robbery that saw their car stolen and used in another robbery two hours later.

The victims, an 82-year-old man and a 72-year-old woman, were reportedly resting in their Berryessa home on May 31 when a group of individuals broke into their residence.

The suspects used packing tape to cover the victims’ mouths and belts to bind their wrists. They then reportedly shoved the couple into a guest bathroom and searched their property for two hours.

At one point, the suspects purportedly struck the elderly man in the head with a gun. Then, the intruders found the couple’s ATM card. They used the victims’ phones to call a translator to demand a PIN.

“The fear started to set in when they started getting impatient,” the man’s daughter translated for her stepmom in an interview with ABC7 News reporter Dion Lim.

The suspects then fled with the victims’ card and their car. The stolen vehicle would later appear in the dashcam footage of another home robbery just a mile away.

In the video, a woman can be heard making a frantic 911 call as she witnesses what is believed to be the same group of robbers ransacking her home and holding her husband at gunpoint. She also reported having an infant at the residence.

A witness told KTVU that about six people jumped over a back fence and broke in through a window. The suspects reportedly managed to rob the property of debit cards, electronics, jewelry, ID cards and passports.

Both robberies remain under investigation. 

Anyone with information on the suspects or their whereabouts is urged to call Detective Van Brande of the San Jose Police Department’s Robbery Unit at 408-277-4166 or email 4542@sanjoseca.gov.


Featured Image via ABC7 News (left), San Jose Police Department (right)

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