Taiwanese Cat Literally Forgets to Close His Mouth When Given Kisses

This is Didi.

Didi lives in Taiwan with Mr. Yang and three other kitties — Mimi, Kiki, and Yoyo.

Didi isn’t like other cats…

He takes baths.

He does cosplay.

And he’s a total baller!

But the one thing that sets Didi apart from the rest is that he is totally shocked when given affection!

He’s literally surprised by kisses!

Mr. Yang told Buzzfeed that he developed the habit when he was sick once.

He was told by a vet that “some cats forget that their mouth is open.”



This cat is hilarious!

We’re not surprised he’s popular — with 16,000+ followers on FaceBook, netizens can’t get enough of this cool cat!

Feature Image via Facebook / MiDiKi520

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