Clarks uses ‘Blaze Kick’ in fire new shoe collaboration with Pokémon

  • Clarks has partnered with Pokémon for a new design on the shoe brand’s Wallabee silhouette.
  • The shoes, which have a Pokéball design on the heel, come in either black or yellow and are debossed with Pokémon’s iconic electric mouse, Pikachu.
  • According to the Clarks UK website, they also have a children’s version of their Grip Pearl model of sneakers with Pokéballs on the velcro strap and sole, with a choice of Pikachu, Squirtle or Mewtwo at the heel and matching color schemes for the respective Pokémon.
  • The Pikachu Wallabee costs $180, while the kid’s shoes are about $55-60.

Clarks Originals released some electrifying new kicks in collaboration with Pokémon for their Wallabee lineup.

The new shoes come in two colors: black suede and a darkish yellow, and both are debossed with Ash’s trusty companion, Pikachu, in various poses so the “Pokémon Yellow” starter can be with its wearer every step of the way. The heels of the shoes are marked with a Pokéball design. 


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Kids shoes also appear to be a part of the collection, but only on the company’s U.K. website. The Grip Pearl model sneakers come adorned with a Pokéball on the velcro strap and at the sole. Depending on the style chosen, Kanto classics such as Pikachu, Squirtle or Mewtwo are featured on the heel with different shoe colors to match the Pokémon’s color schemes.  

The Pikachu Wallabee retail online for $180. The kids’ shoes range from about 43 to 50 British pounds, or about $55 to $60. 

Pokémon iconography on clothes is nothing new, whether it be T-shirts or dress shirts, to even accessories like wedding rings.


Feature Image: Clarks Originals

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