BTS Fans Are Camping Out in NYC Days Before Their Largest Concert in the U.S.

K-pop group BTS is out to set another world record by being the first group to perform at Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets, and fans have already camped outside the venue days before the concert.


Thousands of fans have set up tents near Citi Field as early as Tuesday, according to CBS New York via AllKpop.

We just love the boys,” Linda Xiong, a fan from California, explained. “They make us fans go crazy. They are 7 very attractive men.”

Tickets for the concert in the 40,000-seat venue were reportedly sold out in just under 20 minutes.

Some fans even stayed near Citi Field during a storm just to be in front of the line.

Tents were flying. You could hear fans screaming because of the thunder and lightning. It was crazy, but we are all motivated and we don’t mind,” one of the fans told the network. “We’re dedicated to them so we’ll do what we have to be front row.”

Fans went wild when one of the members, V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, went live on social media.

Check out some other tweets below:

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / CBS New York (Left), Twitter / yena2731 (Right)

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