Priest at Viet American Church Goes Viral for Riding Hoverboard During Christmas Mass

Priests don’t often get much publicity especially during mass, but one priest garnered attention online after being filmed entering his church in style on what appears to be a hoverboard.

The priest, only identified as Father Tom, became internet famous after Twitter user Vynnlo filmed him rolling down the aisle of the church during a Christmas Eve service, according to Mashable.

In the clip, which has been watched nearly 500,000 times as of this writing, Father Tom can be seen gliding in style as he rides a hoverboard to the middle of the church while holding what seems to be glowing sticks.

Children can be heard laughing as parents and other members of the church cheered the priest on.

After going viral, Vynnlo explained in her tweet that the parish actually did not give the hoverboard to Father Tom.

This was not the first time Father Tom pulled such a performance during mass. According to Vynnlo in her now-deleted tweet, the priest did a magic trick two years ago and pulled out a lightsaber last year.

Featured Image via Twitter / vynnlo

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