Everybody Seems to Enjoy Choking Sasuke in Latest Viral Twitter Meme

There’s a new viral meme going around on the Twitterverse where people, animals, and even fictional characters seem to enjoy choking Uchiha Sasuke.

The new viral meme, known online as the Sasuke Choke Edits, started to surface on the social media platform in January 2019. It’s unclear who started this meme, but some believe that the edits originated from a post made by Twitter user @mazarenai on January 13 showing the fictional character being choked by a cat.

The scene in question where Sasuke, one of the main characters in the “Naruto” manga/anime series, gets choked and pushed to the wall was from an episode where he encountered his brother, Akatsuki member Uchiha Itachi.


Many Twitter users are now exhibiting their photo editing skill by replacing Itachi with many fictional characters including Darth Vader from “Star Wars,” several characters from “Dragon Ball,” and even Ash from “Pokémon.”

Then there were the edits of Sasuke being choked by real people, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama and more.

But the best one of them all is probably Marie Kondo choking the life out of Sasuke.

Featured images screenshot via YouTube / Orkshima Senpai, via Twitter / NikkoGuy, via Twitter / paIkias

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