Chloe Kim’s Dad Said the Most Asian Dad Thing Ever After She Won an Olympic Gold Medal

Earlier today, 17-year-old Chloe Kim won her first Olympic gold medal in the half pipe event.

She also made history as the youngest female snowboarder ever to win an Olympic gold.

Kim has captured the hearts of many through her adorable tweets about food.

However, her father Jong Jin Kim has also garnered many fans for his unwavering support for his daughter.

Jong Jin came to America in 1982 when he was 26 year old with $800 in his pocket and an English-Korean dictionary.

When Chloe was 10, he quit his job as an engineer to support her Olympic dreams. He’d drive 6 hours every weekend so that Chloe could train.

i’m probably the most annoying passenger ever but welcome back ❤️ || @toyotausa

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Now, he calls Chloe his American dream.

Despite all that Chloe has accomplish, her dad still couldn’t help but make an Asian dad remark right after she won the gold.

“We all worked so hard. I can take a break now,” Jong Jin told reporters in Korean. “We worked so hard. Now she’s going to go to college. She’s a student, and she’s got to go study hard. Snowboarding is what you do when you’re young. Who knows how much longer she’s going to keep snowboarding? I just want her to study hard. She’s got to go have a good experience in college. I just hope she lives as a happy girl. I just wish she was a little nicer to me. She’s such a teenage girl. She can do what she wants to do. We’ve been so close for so long. Now I can take a break.”

But that’s probably why Chloe Kim is the best!

Bless you and all the sacrifices you’ve made Mr. Kim!

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