Olympian Chloe Kim Allegedly Called a ‘Spoiled Korean Prostitute’ by GWU Professor

Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim took to Twitter to expose an internet bully who berated her boyfriend, insulted her parents and described her as a “spoiled Korean prostitute.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Kim confessed to dealing with similar things “sometimes,” but getting her family involved is a different story.

Image via Instagram / @chloekim

“So this is something that I deal with sometimes. That being said, it really doesn’t bother me but if my family gets brought up then it becomes an issue.

“How dare someone say sh*t like that about my family who’s worked so hard to help me follow my dreams.


The messages appear to come from an Instagram user who goes by the handle @joe.choi0317.

“I’ve seen your picture, and looks like your White boyfriend can’t afford you to a nice restaurant HAHAHAHAHAHA.

“Why is that? Is your money all going to your true Korean parents? Think about that.

“Just a spoiled Korean prostitute.

“You are.”

@joe.choi0317’s account has since been deactivated, but quick netizens managed to save his details.

As seen in a screenshot, the account belongs to Joe W. Choi, who claims to be a current professor at George Washington University (GWU).

The profile also reads “TK Fitting USA Business Development” and “Consultant for Redskins.”

Some users speculated that the account could have been hacked.

Regardless, one pointed out that its supposed owner will need “some ‘splainin’ to do.”

Others sent Kim supportive messages — including bestselling author Celeste Ng — and called out the Twitter pages of GWU and the Redskins.

George Washington University also released a statement on Twitter saying they are looking into the issue.

Featured Image (Left) via Instagram / @chloekim

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