Chinese Woman Dies After Husband Forces Her to Have 4 Abortions in a Year

A woman in China died after being forced by her husband to abort four pregnancies in a year.

Onlookers gather around Yueyue’s ex-husband’s house as her family members storm in search for justice.

When the woman, Yueyue, who lived in Wuhu, Anhui Province, was pregnant, she would undergo ultrasound scans per her husband’s request to identify the sex of their baby.

But when a scan revealed that she carried a girl, she would be forced by her husband to terminate the pregnancy, reported.

Loved ones mourn Yueyue’s death.

The traumatic medical procedures had left her bedridden, after which her husband — who’s determined to have a son — filed for divorce.

Without a choice in the matter, she agreed and took a settlement amount of 170,000 yuan ($25,000) to seek medical help in Shanghai.

A family member (middle) explains to onlookers how Yueyue died.

Shortly after her death, Yueyue’s family members were present at her ex-husband’s residence, explaining the story to curious onlookers. Police were called.

Having suffered from a stroke, Yueyue’s mother is pushed on a wheelchair.

Netizens in Chinese social media were easily outraged and sought for her ex-husband’s punishment (via Daily Mail):

“He would not get a son even if he marries 18 wives.”

“Does he think he is an emperor? What’s so good to have a son?”

Yueyue, who leaves a five-year-old daughter, apparently bore the worst consequence of China’s long-standing culture that favors sons over daughters. This of course is a recipe for demographic collapse, and men themselves are paying a high price.

For now, Yueyue’s ex-husband is reportedly saving up to buy a new car so he can marry another woman.

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