Chinese Tourists Destroy Beautiful Blossoming Trees Just to Get Selfies

Such is the price Mother Nature has to pay just so some Chinese tourists can get a decent selfie.

The season has come for the flowering trees to once again bloom in most tourist spots in China. Unfortunately, the arrival of spring also signals the presence of some unruly local tourists who seem to get inexplicable joy from ruining their surrounding natural beauty.

Just recently, some local tourists were caught on camera blatantly ripping off flowers and breaking branches,  as they climb up blossoming trees just to get the perfect selfie, Toutiao News reports (via Shanghaiist).

The images, which emerged many on Chinese social media earlier this week, have gained massive backlash from netizens, with many calling them out for their “uncivilized behavior.”

While misbehaving Chinese tourists have made global headlines before, a recent survey by the China National Tourism Administration claimed that major tourism destinations in China had witnessed some improvement in the tourists’ manners over the past five years. In the study, almost half of the respondents believe that the Chinese tourists, in general, have already improved their manners in public areas.

However, behaviors like this one and actions in other recent incidents, are putting this perception up for serious debate.

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