Visiting Chinese professor fights off armed robber using martial arts in Los Angeles

Chinese professor kung fu los angeles armed robbery

A Chinese professor visiting Los Angeles early this month fought off an attacker using martial arts in an incident that has gone viral across Chinese media.

Martial arts hero: Zhou Pigai, a professor at Xiangtan University in Hunan, China, fought off an armed robbery attempt on Nov. 1, according to state-run news outlet China Daily.

  • Pigai came to Los Angeles on Oct. 31 to attend an academic visiting program at the University of Southern California.
  • While looking for lodging in L.A.’s Chinatown, Pigai was allegedly held at gunpoint by a robber wearing a black mask. Using martial arts, he disarmed the robber and fled. But the robber pursued and held him at gunpoint again when Pigai stopped to look at his phone to check for injuries.
  • Pigai handed over his luggage out of caution, and an investigative report from the LAPD revealed he lost an estimated $3,130 of personal belongings.
  • Police have already filed a case for investigation. To help with the investigation and public safety education, Zhou re-enacted the incident and recorded it with the help of locals. The footage was later shared online and began trending on social media.
  • Chinese organizations in the area have since helped provide Pigai with accommodations.
  • “He is safe and his mood is relatively calm,” a university representative from the university said.

Featured Images via 海客新闻

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