Chinese Man Brings Ukrainian Bride Back to China to Have a Traditional Wedding

One couple’s newlywed photos during their traditional marriage ceremony in China have gone viral simply because of the nationality of the lovely bride.

The images, taken from the recent wedding of 28-year-old Chinese groom Gao Tianyu and 22-year-old Ukrainian bride Alina in Jieshou, Anhui Province, have caught the attention of local netizens. 

According to NetEase (via Shanghaiist), the groom is a native of Anhui who moved to Ukraine to study immediately after his graduation from high school. After finishing school, he chose to stay in the country to start a business there.

Four years ago, love struck Gao when he found an attractive girl on the streets of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Finding enough confidence, he approached the girl and began talking to her, sparking a relationship that would last for years.  

The couple decided to live and work together for a few years in Ukraine before deciding to travel back to China this year to finally tie the knot and settle for good.

Their very traditional Chinese wedding piqued local netizens’ interest, with many giving their feedback on the couple’s marriage.

“There really are a lot of beautiful women in the Ukraine,” a netizen was quoted as saying.

“This is more propaganda from the Ukrainian tourism bureau,” another comment read.

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