Elderly Man Piggybacking His Wife Across the Street in China is Our Peak Relationship Goal

In the era of unending challenges of modern relationships, it is always refreshing to come across a couple who proves love can still stand the test of time.

Best placed under the hashtag #relationshipgoals, images of an elderly Chinese man believed to be carrying his beloved wife across a busy street in Beijing, China, have gone viral on local social media. While there is no way of telling if they were indeed married or even a real couple, it is simply beautiful to view such a display of care toward another person. 

The set of photos, which showed an old woman being lifted and then carried piggyback-style by her partner, was reportedly captured at an intersection in Daxing District, according to QQ (via Shanghaiist). Melting the hearts of Chinese netizens, the photos illustrate what most couple aspire: to stay happily together, even in old age.

“Their love can not be surpassed. It is built up over time like a mountain,” one netizen was quoted as saying.
“When I get that old, I hope I will have someone that loves me that much,” another one wrote.

After a series of viral images and videos of love gone awry, this elderly gentleman’s apparent ageless love for his lifelong partner is a shining reminder to all of us that true, lasting love, can still exist.

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