‘China’s First Rooftop Daredevil’ Dies After Suspected Stunt Gone Wrong

A young daredevil by the name of Wu Yongning has been confirmed dead on December 8 by his girlfriend, according to Shanghaiist. His last stunt showing the last moments before his fatal fall (Warning: Video may be disturbing) was posted to YouTube.

Known for his death-defying stunts like climbing massive skyscrapers and dangling dangerously off tall structures, the self-proclaimed “China’s first rooftopper” pushed himself to new heights in order to appease his many fans. When he suddenly stopped uploading videos to his social media accounts, his followers were prompted to believe that something bad had happened to him.

His girlfriend confirmed everyone’s worst fears on December 8, posting her grief on Weibo. “Today is December 8th. It makes me think of November 8th, the day that you left us, left this world,” she wrote.

Wu’s last post on Weibo was on November 8, leading many netizens to believe that his death had something to do with one of his dangerous stunts. He was only 26 years old.

While it’s unclear how Wu died, it’s likely that his stunts had something to do with it. His 235,000 fans on Meipei and 29,532 followers on Weibo are currently mourning the loss of the social media star.

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