Pei Pa Koa is Now An Ice Cream Flavor and It’s The Perfect Cold Remedy

cough syrup

Pei pa koa, the traditional Chinese cough syrup that many Asian kids have grown up with, has apparently become a gelato flavor in Singapore and Malaysia.

Ice Dream Cafe, based in Singapore, first launched the gelato in the city, back in 2015.

On Mar. 29, the flavor was introduced to its Kota Kinabalu branch in Malaysia, where it has since been selling like hotcakes!

The herbal remedy, also known as “pi pa gao” in both countries, has long been used to treat coughs and related signs or symptoms such as sore throat, hoarseness, and aphonia.

Known for a distinctive minty taste, the syrup is a concoction of various natural ingredients, including loquat leaf (pei pa koa translates to loquat syrup), Chinese bellflower root, ladybell root, licorice root, coltsfoot flower, fresh ginger, and bitter apricot kernel, among others.

Whether the new gelato actually helps with coughs is yet to be proven, but Ice Dream Cafe recommends one scoop three times a day for adults and one tiny scoop three times a day for children.

“A scoop of Pei Pa Koa Gelato a day, keep your heatiness away,” the cafe advised in an Instagram post. “Don’t feel weird, be brave to try, you will like it.”

Sadly, Ice Dream Cafe has no branch in the U.S., but if you’d like to try pei pa koa as a dessert, it’s available as boba tea in San Gabriel, California.

Featured Images via Instagram / @icedreamcafe

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