Surveillance Camera Catches Mom Playing With Her Phone as Her Baby Dr‌‌o‌wn‌s

A mother in China was captured on video glued to her mobile phone while her baby daughter was dr‌ow‌ni‌n‌g in a children’s pool during her first birthday celebration.

The disheartening CCTV footage shows the baby desperately struggling for over 90 seconds while the mother focuses her attention on her phone.

WARNING: This video contains footage some viewers may find distressing

Baby Xiao Ai has since been in a coma following the tragic accident on July 31, trying to stay alive by relying on a breathing apparatus, according to Yahoo7 News.

Xiao Ai’s mom, identified only as Ms. Wu, had taken her to the children’s swimming pool Beibei Lamu, in Cangshan district in Fuzhou, capital of East China’s Fujian province.

A few seconds before the accident happened, the mother was seen in the video watching over her baby before she shifted her attention towards another child and then went on to use her mobile phone.

While her attention was on her phone, she failed to see Xiao Ai flipping upside down in the pool and then slipping out of her swim ring.

As the baby struggled just a few feet from her oblivious mom, the boy in the pool tried to reach her and attempted to place the swim ring on her but failed to do so.

In the clip, the boy is also seen trying to warn the child’s mother, but she just waved him away. It took over a minute and a half before her attention was finally brought to her drowning daughter. She then rushed to get her baby out of the water and tried to perform first aid.

After doing basic chest compressions on her daughter, she then brought her to the Fujian Provincial Hospital for treatment. According to emergency department doctor Lin Shuqin, the child turned purple when she arrived at the hospital, without a heartbeat or breath sounds.

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