China Mac Puts Lil Pump on Instagram Blast for Mocking Asians in New Video

New York rapper China Mac is calling out 18-year-old rapper Lil Pump for the lyrics in a new preview of a song which features racist slurs and gestures.

Lil Pump teased fans with a snippet of his new track “Butterfly Doors” on Sunday, but came under fire for the lyrics “they call me Yao Ming cause my eyes real low” as he pulls back his eyes.


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After he rapped those lyrics for a second time, Pump comes in with an ad-lib saying “ching chong,” a pejorative term for Asians.

Many fans were offended by that part of the preview in particular, with some netizens demanding an apology.

In response to the preview, Mac posted a video saying he would check Pump for making such remarks, adding that he would correct him for every disrespectful thing the teen rapper says about the Asian community.


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@lilpump take that shit down lil boy #respect #MACtalk #asianmob

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Mac demanded that the video should be taken down, but Pump has yet to address the issue.

TMZ reported that Pump’s video has garnered more than 2.5 million views, with Chinese netizens writing “Kiss my ass” and “Why are you so confident about your disgusting songs and gestures? Oh man, I think I need to wash my ears after listening [to] your f***ing words as a great Asian.”

Here are what others are saying on Twitter:

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