Chinese Woman’s Sexy Live Stream Gets Shut Down By Police For Being Inappropriate

A woman who was live-streaming on the streets of Chenghuan, China was shut down by local police after her performance was deemed inappropriate.

Shaking her booty on one of Chongqing’s streets, the performer attracted a fairly large crowd of men and women – including children – before being cut off.

Wearing a white tank top and a pair of black mini shorts, she set up her “stage” and broadcasted through her phone as people gathered in a circle. Some appeared to snap photos of her.

When approached by enforcers to stop, she simply gathered her things and left in peace, Shanghaiist reported.

It is unclear whether the crowd was disappointed at the cut-off, but the confrontation sure seemed awkward.

Still, she managed to smile and keep things cool, leaving the site like nothing happened.

This move from local Chengguan is easily part of China’s crackdown on seductive live streamers. Provocative banana-eating has been made illegal, and for one, a girl who danced right next to a toilet was shut down.

China may not spare pictures too, as a policewoman who shared sexy selfies on social media was fired for the action.


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