BTS’ Single ‘Dynamite’ Breaks YouTube, iTunes Records With Homage to Michael Jackson


K-pop supergroup BTS has broken another record with the release of their new all-English single for “Dynamite,” which reached #1 on iTunes and Spotify on Friday.


The seven-member South Korean group is the first artist to have five songs at #1 in 100 countries on iTunes, with “Dynamite,” “My Time”, “Moon”, “Black Swan” and “Your Eyes Tell”.

The song is trending in countries including Vietnam, the U.S., Indonesia, India, Turkey, Qatar and more, according to InfotOnline.

The music video for “Dynamite” also reached 53 million views just nine hours after it dropped on YouTube, AllKpop noted.

The music video is the biggest premiere in YouTube’s history, garnering up to three million concurrent viewers. The previous record was held by K-pop group Blackpink, with 1.65 million concurrent views, VICE reported.

The BTS ARMY praised the comeback single, with many focusing on the group’s tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

Singer Taj Jackson, Jackson’s nephew, also noticed BTS’ homage to the King of Pop.

Featured Image via Big Hit Labels

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