You Have to Read What Halsey Wrote About BTS for TIME 100

For all the historical milestones an “underdog” boy group from a small label in South Korea has surpassed in the name of K-pop, it’s an absolute no-brainer that BTS would make it to Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2019.

The list — divided into pioneers, artists, leaders, icons and titans — is a collection of essays penned by others associated with those who made the cut, and for BTS’s feature, Time selected Grammy-nominated pop singer Halsey, who collaborated with the group in their latest comeback “Boy With Luv.”


The 24-year-old artist, who described the collaboration as a “historic opportunity,” began her entry with a nod to BTS’s devoted fans: the ARMY.

“How exactly does one accomplish world domination? Surely it takes remarkable talent, charm, kindness, altruism and dedication.

“But you’d still be missing a key component: a devoted community to uplift your efforts, soften your stumbles and shoot light from their eyes into the sky in your name every single night.”

For Halsey — and millions of ARMYs — BTS has met and owned this criteria.

“By these parameters, BTS has reached the top. Over the past few years, the K-pop group has taken the music industry by storm—shattering sales records, gathering accolades and performing across the globe for head-spinning audiences—all the while remaining exemplary ambassadors for their Korean culture.

“But behind those three letters are seven astounding young men who believe that music is stronger than the barriers of language. It’s a universal dialect.”

Halsey also shares what it’s like working with “the boys,” as she and many ARMYs affectionately call them.

“I have known ‘the boys’—as I and other fans affectionately call them—for years and had the pleasure of traveling to Korea to hang with them on multiple occasions.

“Outwardly, they are polished and professional, but hours of laughter, secret handshakes and gifts exchanged show those around them that underneath this showstopping, neatly groomed movement are just some guys who love music, one another and their fans.”

Halsey’s tribute has since made rounds on social media, touching the hearts of both those who have known BTS for years and those beginning to call themselves ARMYs.

BTS and Halsey will perform together for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1st.

Read Halsey’s full essay here.

Featured Image via YouTube / ibighit

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