K-Pop Fans Are Outraged After BTS Gets Snubbed By Grammy Nominations

Grammy nomination

Fans of K-pop supergroup BTS have rallied online to express outrage after their favorite band was excluded from the Grammy nomination list for the Album of the Year award.

BTS’ fan base, known as the ARMYs, took to social media to express their disappointment in the academy after the announcement was posted on Wednesday.

The Korean pop group has achieved so much in recent years, including selling over 40.7 million albums worldwide and becoming the first band since The Beatles to earn three Billboard No. 1 albums in one year, according to BuzzFeed.

They also made history as the first K-pop presenters at the Grammys earlier this year.

As a response to the announcement and to show support for their favorite group, many ARMYs started using the hashtag #ThisIsBTS on Twitter, which soon began trending on the social media platform.

Some fans, however, felt that the Recording Academy only invited BTS as members just for the “clout.” The group was invited in June to become members of the Recording Academy as part of its drive to help diversify the Academy’s membership, Billboard reported.

Nominated or not, BTS fans will always support their favorite group.

Feature Image via AJEONG_JM (CC BY 4.0)

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