BTS Busan concert venue changed due to safety concerns raised by ARMY

  • BTS’ Busan concert has been relocated to Asiad Main Stadium following backlash over safety concerns of the original makeshift stage planned at a former glass factory site in Busan.
  • HYBE issued a statement on Friday announcing the change, with the new venue able to accommodate 60,000 attendees and containing facilities like food vendors and restrooms, which the factory site did not.
  • Fans and residents in Busan initially expressed frustration over the factory site venue as there would only be a singular entry point for the expected 50,000 attendees.
  • The concert is an effort to promote the bid for the 2030 Busan World Expo, of which BTS is an ambassador.

K-pop superstars BTS will now hold their “Yet To Come in Busan” concert at Asiad Main Stadium after fans expressed safety concerns over the original venue, a makeshift stage at a former glass factory site near Ilgwang Beach in Busan. 

HYBE issued a statement on BTS’ Weverse page on Friday assuaging concerns:

After careful review of many places in Busan and how suitable they were for that plan, we originally elected to hold the concert in Ilgwang. Based on cooperation with organizations including Busan City, police, the fire department, and the Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail), we carefully moved ahead with organizing the event so that the audience would be able to have the most convenient experience possible. We have decided to change the concert venue from a special stage near Ilgwang Beach to the Busan Asian [sic] Main Stadium to maximize attendees’ safety and comfort and ensure a smooth concert.” 

HYBE continued, “the performance remains on the performance’s main purpose, which is to promote the bid for the 2030 Busan World Expo.” BTS is one of the Expo’s ambassadors. 

While there has been a change in venue, other planned parts of the concert, including a livestream of the show to be screened at the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal Outdoor Parking Lot and a global livestream, remain the same. The concert was originally expected to have 100,000 attendees — 50,000 sitting and 50,000 standing — although the Asiad Main Stadium can only accommodate 60,000 people. 

Many fans were in an uproar over the initial venue as there would only have been one entrance gate accessible from the closest subway line to the venue. Only public transport will be allowed around the area on the day of the concert.

The former factory site also did not have facilities such as restaurants or restrooms sufficient enough for such a large-scale event. There was also a food ban at the venue, which meant some people wouldn’t be able to eat from the time they entered the site to the end of the show, which is expected last 12 hours.


Feature Image via World EXPO 2030 BUSAN, KOREA

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