The World’s Fluffiest Cat is an Instagram Star in Thailand

An adorable cat from Thailand has recently become an internet celebrity for his super fluffiness and adventurous personality.

The huggable ball of fur named Bone Bone currently has over 47,000 followers on its Instagram account which has hundreds of photos of him being cute in a variety of poses.

Bone Bone seems to enjoy posing for the cameras while chilling on the floor, playing outside or being carried by its owner. Occasionally, the fluffy star can be seen in a getup, wearing a shirt, a vest or even a mini-backpack.

The feline star, who makes its living endorsing cat products and being featured on mall shows, constantly attracts attention wherever it goes with eager “fans” asking to take its photos when Bone Bone is seen in public.

But while he enjoys the limelight, the furry celeb has a minor pet peeve: being pet and held by strangers.

If his admirers can keep off his well-kept fur, they’ll be able to stay on Bone Bone’s good side.

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