BLACKPINK surpasses Justin Bieber, becomes No. 1 most subscribed artist on YouTube

Blackpink and Lalisa album

Iconic K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has surpassed Justin Bieber in YouTube subscribers, becoming the most subscribed musical artist on the platform just as one group member, Lisa, dropped her solo debut album “Lalisa.” 

“Pretty Savage”: On Friday, YouTube announced that the popular girl group, consisting of members Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo and Lisa, are now the platform’s most subscribed artist with 65.5 million subscribers, Billboard reported. 

  • BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel has been viewed more than 9.7 billion times by their fans, called BLINKS, all over the world. 
  • The girl group has beaten the very popular K-pop group BTS by almost 10 million subscribers and have overtaken Justin Bieber by only 400,000
  • Four of their music videos, songs “Ddu-du Ddu-du,” “Boombayah,” “Kill This Love” and “As If It’s Your Last,” that have been uploaded onto the platform have over a billion views each. 
  • The ladies of BLACKPINK thanked their fans for the new achievement, stating, “We can’t believe it. This is a miracle, all thanks to our BLINKS. We’d like to say thank you to all our fans who have supported us,” Hypebae reported. 
  • Many fans aren’t surprised by the new record, but are still very proud of the group. 

“How you like that”: This achievement has coincided with rapper and dancer Lisa’s long overdue first solo album. She is the third member to have a solo debut, after members Jennie and Rosé, according to Billboard. 

  • Lisa is the only non-Korean member of the girl group as she was born in Thailand, Newsweek noted. 
  • She is mostly known for her dance moves and cute personality among fans, but also for her strict mentoring on the popular Chinese survival show “Youth With You.” 
  • Her new album “Lalisa” was released on Sept. 10 with a simultaneous music video release. 
  • She included Thai elements in her music video, which has reached over 61 million views in only 17 hours, at the time of this writing. 
  • Lisa told Bazaar in an interview that she tried to “bring in different sides” of herself into her solo debut. “I’m really curious to how BLINKS will react to it. They’ve been waiting a long time to hear it.” 

Featured Image via @BLACKPINK (left, right)

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