Man Mocking ‘Chinese’ Nail Salon Worker Sparks Racism Debate on Twitter

A Black man pretending to be a “Chinese” nail salon worker in an attempt at humor has divided social media into those who believe it was racist and those who do not.

Over the weekend, Twitter user @iShineSoBright_ shared a video of the unidentified man, whom she claimed to be “doing his wife’s toes.”

“Watch this man do his wife toes acting like them Chinese ladies in the shop,” @iShineSoBright_ tweeted.

The video, which ran for a little over two minutes, shows the man speaking in a stereotypical accent while tending to his wife’s legs and feet.

He also pretends to converse with another person in an unintelligibly similar fashion.

Meanwhile, the man’s wife can be heard laughing hysterically in the background.

The video, which has since garnered 1.24 million views, 36,000 likes and 18,000 retweets, quickly sparked a discussion about racism.

Some users alleged that the Black man was racist and that he supposedly knew better.

Then, there were netizens who pointed out that he was mimicking Vietnamese, not Chinese.

Others thought the video was simply funny, including @iShineSoBright_.

What do you think?

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