Top K-Pop Star Reveals the Scandalous Reason Why He Closed His Own Idol Academy

If you’re a die-hard fan of k-pop, chances are you’ve heard of Big Bang member Seungri’s idol academy business.

But on Wednesday’s episode of “Weekly Idol,” the Big Bang member revealed that he closed it “a little while ago.”

But why?

As it turned out, one of the academy’s teachers had an affair with a student. Seungri explained (via Soompi):

“I closed it down because there was a bit of an issue. One of the teachers became romantically involved with a student. I got a call from the student’s parent, complaining that their daughter wasn’t returning home. What was I to do? Honestly, I wasn’t directly running the academy, so I closed it down to prevent a huge misunderstanding from happening.”

Other Big Bang members knew he was closing the vocal and dance academy, but not the reason behind it.

While the news sounds scandalous, Seungri found that his employees worked really hard. Notable students include BTS’s J-Hope, Lovelyz’s Mijoo, WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo, VIXX’s Hyuk and one Teen Top member.

Watch the episode below:

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