The Most Beloved Filipino Fast Food Chain is Opening in Europe

Filipinos in Europe, particularly in Italy, have something exciting to look forward to.

Jollibee, the most famous and most loved fast food chain in the Philippines, is bringing a piece of home to Filipinos in Europe, starting in Italy.

According to ABS CBN, Jollibee is partnering with Singaporean company BlackBird to open their first ever restaurant in Europe. The expansion is expecting up to 1 million Euros in investment and aims to tap the new market.

“Expansion to Italy is in line with diversification efforts. They are present outside Philippines, they are in China, the Middle East and the US. I guess, eventually, growth in the Philippines will slow down because they have so many stores here already,” said April Lee Tan of COL Financial.

Rappler reported that the companies are considering Milan to be their first European location.

Because of the growing population of Filipino migrant workers in Europe – with Italy having more than 200,000 Filipinos in their population – Jollibee has long planned to enlarge their territory in the global market.

At current, there are 620 Jollibee stores overseas which include countries like the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, and more. They recently opened Jollibee joints in Canada and Oman and is planning to further expand in Japan, United Kingdom, and Australia.

In the Philippines, the well-known store operates 2,670 chains.

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