Beijing’s Smog is So Bad, People No Longer Need Instagram Filters on Photos

The smog problem in Beijing has become so serious that it’s painting the skies with some unusual colors.

Although the haze is gray, it sometimes carries cool and warm tones that are almost similar to Instagram filters. And because of the current situation in Beijing, it looks like adding filters like “Valencia” to boost the saturation of the photo is unnecessary.


According to Quartz, Beijing has already issued a first ever “red fog” alert which is different from their ongoing “orange” smog alert. It is the second highest level of smog pollution which has led to less than 50 meters visibility in some areas.


Beijing’s “orange” smog warning has been up since December 30 of last year which was extended until January 7.

Generally, air quality index that is above AQ100 is considered unhealthy. But even though Beijing qualifies their current air condition as an “orange” warning, their air has gotten worse with some points exceeding 500 and beyond what the index can measure.


Roughly around 21 million Beijing residents are trapped and suffering from very poor air quality. The condition also led to 19 flights cancelled and seven highways closed.


The only upside – if there’s really any – of this haze are the instant Instagram-like filters that make some eye-catching photos.

Feature image via @sagotutu


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