Assistant Bank Manager Fired After Horrible Comment on 8-year-old Gang Rape, Murder Victim

An assistant bank manager at Kotak Mahindra Bank was fired over a comment he made about Asifa Bano, the 8-year-old gang rape and murder victim from Rassana village in Kathua, India.

Vishnu Nandakumar, who previously worked as an assistant manager at the bank’s Kochi branch, posted a now deleted comment on his Facebook account, saying it was “good that she was killed at this age itself. Else, she would have grown up and returned throwing bombs in India,” according to NDTV.

Facebook and Twitter users quickly called on the bank to terminate Nandakumar’s employment from the company.

Nandakumar reportedly comes from a family of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Kerala, India. Ironically, before his comment on Facebook, his uncle, a BJP leader, had already condemned Asifa’s rape and murder case on the social media platform.

On April 13, Kotad Mahindra Bank officially announced on both Facebook and Twitter that Nandakumar had already been fired, citing “poor performance” as the reason and had condemned the ex-employee’s comment.

Featured Image via Twitter/@avithe007

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