Asian People Are Absolutely Furious With the New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ (SPOILER ALERT)


Trekkies around the country came together last night to watch the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery with bated breath. The highly anticipated series has generated controversial commentary, with fans either praising or slamming the creators for its diverse cast.

Recently, Michelle Yeoh, who plays Captain Philippa Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou, spoke positively of her role and the impact it will have on viewers.

“It is very empowering and it is very inspirational. In the past I didn’t used to think about it, but now I can understand how powerful a motivator it is, especially for (young girls). They’ll think, ‘If she can do this, I can do this,’” she said in an interview.

It was easy to get hyped up about the casting decision (even Yeoh keeping her Malaysian accent was a newsworthy cause for celebration); so the two-part premiere on Sunday caused grief for many fans who felt the series “did her dirty” by killing off her character in the second episode.

Forbes sums up the scene:

“There’s a colossal fight, as T’Kuvma was neither killed nor harmed in the explosion. Georgiou is killed in hand-to-hand combat with T’Kuvma, then Burnham blows a hole through T’Kuvma’s chest with her phaser.”

Many netizens felt strongly about Georgiou’s death:

One Twitter user offers hope to those still bitter about their beloved captain’s death:

Although it remains to be seen if Georgiou survived or if those episodes feature flashback scenes.

What do you think? Did Georgiou leave us too soon, or was it poetically epic? Let us know in the comments!

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