Aespa surprises fans with new song ‘Illusion’ before announcing comeback album

  • SM Entertainment's Aespa dropped a new surprise song “Illusion” alongside news of their mini-album “Girls” slated for July 8.
  • The mini-album will feature nine tracks total: three previously released tracks “Black Mamba,” “Forever” and “Dreams Come True,” as well as six new songs, “Lingo,” “ICU,” “Illusion," title track “Girls" and two versions of "Life's Too Short."
  • Aespa performed the English version of “Life’s Too Short” at Coachella earlier this year and will release a digital version of the song on June 24.
  • The quartet, consisting of members Winter, Karina, Ningning and Giselle, recently made the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list last month.
  • SM Entertainment also announced today that the group has signed a partnership deal with Warner Records.

K-pop girl group Aespa dropped a surprise new song “Illusion” as part of a comeback announcement for their upcoming mini-album “Girls.”

Set for release on July 8, “Girls” will feature nine tracks in total, six of which are new. Aside from “Illusion” and the title track “Girls,” the new songs include the tracks “Lingo,” “ICU” and both a Korean- and English-language version of “Life’s Too Short.” The group performed the English version of “Life’s Too Short” during their set at Coachella’s main stage earlier this year and will drop it as a single on June 24.  

Their previously released debut track “Black Mamba,” as well as their covers of the songs “Forever” and “Dreams Come True” by fellow SM label-mates Yoo Young-jin and girl group S.E.S., respectively, round out the album.

The upcoming mini-album will be the first project of 2022 for the quartet and is a follow-up to their last mini-album, “Savage.”

Currently, members Winter, Karina, Ningning and Giselle alongside their virtual AI selves have been keeping busy performing university concerts around South Korea. They were recently featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list in May, and the group became the first K-pop girl group to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in December last year. 

SM Entertainment also announced today ahead of the comeback news that Aespa signed a partnership deal with Warner Records. The label remarked, “The deal with the world-class recording company covers Aespa’s global music content distribution and marketing promotions, SM is well aware of Warner Records’ glorious history with global artists, and we are grateful for Warner’s trust in the future of Aespa. We will continue to show Aespa’s unique innovative music and work together with Warner to make Aespa grow into a world-class group.”

Co-chairs of Warner Records Tom Corson and Aaron Bay-Schuck expressed their excitement about working with the group, saying, “Aespa has already made a huge impact around the world under the leadership of SM’s founder Lee Soo-man. We are honored to have Aepsa be part of the Warner Records family and look forward to achieving unprecedented successes together.”


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