Almost 100% of South Korea Has Internet Speeds That Will Make You Cry

South Korea continues to be the world’s envy in internet connection where nearly 100% of its households are now able to access the world wide web.

Then there’s the added fact that the country boasts the world’s highest average connection speed at 26.3 Mbps as documented in Akamai’s most recent connectivity report.

A 2016 government survey released on Tuesday, 99.2% of about 19 million households in the country can access the internet via cable modem, mobile, optical LAN, xDSL or otherwise, according to Forbes.

This indicates that 43.64 million people, or 88.3% of the entire population above the age of 3, are spending time online! Just, wow.

Interestingly, the rise in internet connectivity was attributed to the growing number of users aged 60 and above. That’s over five million “silver surfers” who are mostly hooked on instant messaging platforms.

Kids below the age of 10 also helped in the figures. Of those aged 6 and above, 88.3% use instant messaging, and of this number, 99.2% use KakaoTalk. This age group also uses maps (67.3%) and navigation services (59.7%).

In general, almost 99% go online at least once every week. That’s an average of 14.3 hours spent on everything that could possibly be done out of the internet’s generosity: banking, file-storing, messaging, gaming and shopping.

How impressive is South Korea’s internet?

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